Amy teaches that quality, seasonal ingredients produce great meals. A great meal should taste good, look good and be good for you. The more we cook at home, avoiding restaurants and processed foods, the better our health. Improve your health and happiness by learning to Cook with Care.

Many people are aware that making some changes in their diet will benefit their health, particularly with regard to lowering their risk of chronic disease. Scientists now estimate that 40% of all cancer incidence in men, and 60% in women, is related to diet. Diet has also been implicated in two of the three major risk factors linked to the development of heart disease - high cholesterol levels and hypertension - and it's often a crucial aspect of being seriously overweight. It can also aggravate the development of type II (adult - onset) diabetes.

Fortunately, there is now a consensus among experts, that changing the way you eat can promote good health, as well as prevent disease. Since diet is so intricately linked to your health, why not Cook with Care.

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