April 22, 2022

‘Meat”ing the Need

As most of you know, a portion on each sign-up fee is donated to a local agency feeding the hungry in San Antonio.
This month’s donation, thanks to you, went to Meatingtheneed.org who helps feed the hungry at St. Vinnie’s Bistro at the Haven for Hope.

Thanks for the support in my efforts to feed people,

April 18, 2022

2-ingredient pancake, who knew?

I just discovered 2-ingredient banana pancakes and wanted to share it with you!

I’ve read about them over the years on social media and finally decided to try them; and to my surprise they are delicious!! To my extra surprise, they are also beautiful and even easier to flip than regular pancakes- just as long as you don’t try to flip too soon! You can keep them 2-ingredient or kick it up with a bit of extra flavor from the cinnamon and vanilla.

Hope you enjoy the recipe, I thought we all needed something else to do with aging bananas other than cake 🙂
And look out for the new June menu “Healthy Brunch” coming out in a few weeks!

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Banana 2-ingred pancakes

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Happy Cooking,