January 11, 2019

New Menu for February 2019

Dates for the new menu will be posted early Monday morning – January 14th. Please visit my website or click here on Monday to see February/March dates.

Exotic Flavors, Easy Effort- Be amazed with how easily you can get these deliciously exotic flavors on to your dining table. From the Middle East to North Africa, these dishes are sure to please every palate. The menu will include: Middle Eastern Flat Bread with Zahtar Oil; Moroccan Orange Salad; Lebanese Rice with Lamb and Pistachios; and Sesame Shortbread Cookies for a sweet ending.

If you are interested in taking this class with several friends, please respond early and I will make every effort to get you into the class together. As always, please try to give a couple of date choices when making your request.

Also, if you want to book this class for a private group of 8, please contact me before Monday.